Technical Meeting in Ilmenau, June 12-13, 2019

Technical meeting (hackathon) in Ilmenau hosted by

The technical meeting, took place in Ilmenau, on June 12-13, 2019 hosted by partner "Fraunhofer". This meeting was mainly a hackathon to meet MS2 targets.

The goal to have a 'system' ready for July to be demonstrated to our end users has been met.

Opposite this goal, the following were addressed:

A. Input (i.e. proto1 input: - 10 fake web pages interleaved with Policing data set). Discussed and agreed (Lutech, Singular Logic, Fraunhofer, AE Solutions)

B. Processing (i.e. refined search & analysis jobs, image/sound filtering on agreed data schemas) Demonstrated.

C. Output (i.e. a data graph with the universal use case defined functionality) Demonstrated.

All Hackathon topics (list below) addressed the Hacking tasks:

i) Overall system runtime and setup

ii) Set-up scheduler mockup or testing environment (sending batch tasks to services)


1. Architecture & Systems (SYSTEM)

2. Service Integration (SERVICES)

3. Knowledge base development and Provision (KNOWLEDGE)

4. Demo preparation (DEMO)

5. Users management & Logging (AUTHENTICATE)

6. GUI development (Graph UI)

Seven (7) module development jobs have been configured with the following responsibilities:

Seven module development jobs have been configured in technical meeting (hackathon) in Ilmenau

The Universal Use Case scenario has been validated and it will determine the following scenario steps.

Universal Use Case scenario has been validated in technical meeting (hackathon) in Ilmenau


The SPIRIT project will take a novel approach in the development, testing, training and evaluation of a new scalable privacy preserving intelligence analysis for resolving identities system prototype.

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Project Coordinator: Mr. Paolo Fabbri (LUTECH SPA.)

Project Technical Coordinator: Dr. Costas Davarakis (Singularlogic SA)

Project Support, Dissemination & Communication: NST AE