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SPIRIT overall objectives:

Multi-purpose Semantic Crawling - To enable users to systematically gather data from multi-modal sources

Semantic Social Graph Construction - To enable users to collate and analyse data content and relationships through a single semantic representation.

Scalable Graph Infrastructure - To design and develop a secure and scalable processing architecture that is compatible with the requirements of visual, analytical and dynamic user interaction and analysis.

Sense-Making Workspace - To provide the capabilities to search and reason over the Social Graph, and collaboratively resolve, structure and explain evidence based on the socio-cultural and organisational constructs of identity that are crucial for understanding the modern uses of identity and their use in planning and conducting criminal activities.

Comprehensive Training Infrastructure - Provide users with training content in several different forms, enabling them to use the SPIRIT framework effectively.

Compliance with EU regulations and Fair Information Practice Principles - To ensure compliance of SPIRIT not only with EU regulations to protect privacy and citizens’ rights but with Fair Information Practice principles (FIP), improving the available methodology to carry out legal and ethical monitoring and audits through Compliance by Design (CbD).

End User Validation – To ensure that SPIRIT meets the requirements it will be validated by the End User community.


The SPIRIT project will take a novel approach in the development, testing, training and evaluation of a new scalable privacy preserving intelligence analysis for resolving identities system prototype.

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Project Coordinator: Mr. Paolo Fabbri (LUTECH SPA.)


Project Technical Coordinator: Dr. Costas Davarakis (Singularlogic SA)


Project Support, Dissemination & Communication: NST AE